Photos by Daniel Garcia

I’m really busy right now.  I’m still documenting my outfits, but I have very little time over the next couple of days to actually edit them and all.  So instead, here’s a few pics from a photoshoot I did in July.  Hope you like them!

And I have a quick contest for you guys! The first person who gets someone to follow my blog via GFC or blogger gets a $10 credit to Spotted Moth *just to be clear, you win the gift, not the new follower**the person has to leave a comment on this blog saying who referred them – that’s how I’ll know who gets there first*  And go!

The Daily Challenge is done!  Hope you all had a great time!  Now we’re back to our regularly scheduled True Story and Quote of Today.

Quote of Today:
“She mastered the WTF look…at 6 months.”

Congrats MamaMarchand!  I’ll be emailing you later tonight!