Cardi – Nick&Mo from Trixie; Fifties Swing Dress – c/o eShakti; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless.

I’d love to introduce you guys to eShakti.  This site is so reasonably priced, and the selection is just superb!  What’s wonderful about this site is that it’s like having a personal tailor right at your fingertips.  For just a nominal fee you can customize everything: sleeve style and length, front and back style, hem length, and also send them your exact measurements to have the piece tailored to your individual body.  I particularly appreciate this feature since so many of my friends are so unique that standard cuts/proportions just don’t fit them.  I myself find that, though my size is pretty standard in proportion, I often face the problem of things being too short.  That’s why I found this site so delightful.  When offered the chance to select a piece and test drive the whole shopping experience I was excited.

Since I was looking for a simple blue dress that would give me a wide variety of styling options, I selected this beautiful piece you see in the pictures.  I customized it just a little by selecting a longer length, and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.  I was also a little nervous.  Why?  Because I’m committed to being completely honest with you guys, so I’m always worried that I won’t like the service or the product. I want to love it, so that I can say only the best things possible.   And I wasn’t disappointed!

When my dress arrived I was so amazed at the quality of workmanship and the material!  It’s so well made, stitched, and tailored, and the material *though polyester* is so rich that I could barely believe this dress is so reasonable on the site.  I threw it on right away and it immediately went on my ‘favorite dresses’ list.   I could not be more pleased with this piece.  I know it’s going to make many appearances on this blog! In the meantime, I have my eye on this piece and this piece as well.  Don’t you think they’d just be so darling?

And you want to know the cherry on top of this wonderful cake? Throughout the whole process, the customer service representative I was in contact with was so great.  She was efficient, helpful, and really quick to respond to all my emails.  I never waited more than 12 hours for a response.  So good product and great customer service?  Yes please!

Quote of Today:
“You look so wholesome. Very Pleasantville.”