I’m going to be honest here:  I’m very easily bribed and flattered into doing things.  Well, okay not really.  But for the right person, I come cheap.  Husband knows this.  So, he knew that for a foot massage and a glass of red wine, with some dark chocolate I would easily agree to do a review of his blog for you guys.

Really, he didn’t need to bribe me since I’m proud of him, but shhhhhh….don’t tell him that.

My husband is a singer/songwriter.   He has his day job as an audio technician and manager, but making his own music is really where his passion lies.  Since having a baby, he’s found it hard to find motivation and an outlet for his passion.  So he started a little blog project – Andrew Haughton.

Every month he writes a new song.  During the month you’ll get progress reports, and posts chronicling the process – the missteps, the roadblocks, and the distractions. At the end of the month, you’ll see the final product, or more specifically you’ll hear the final product.  So far he’s got a few songs up there, and they’re all free to listen to.  Plus, you can check out his past albums.

So if you have a few moments, might I suggest you check out this awesome guy?