I have this little problem.  My precious baby hates to wear mittens.  We put them on her and she flaps her arms like a little bird desperate to take flight until she has flapped them completely off.  I thought that the freezing cold would propel her to keep them on, but no.  I often end up chasing her around with a mitten in my hand – case in point.   But help has arrived! Recently on my way from the doctor’s office I walked past a shop that had these delightful things in the window.  I popped in and nabbed them ASAP. The stretchy cuff goes over her arm.  In fact we put it on over her long sleeve shirt and it reaches almost up to her armpit.  The jacket then goes over everything and voila!  Gloves stay on!

No amount of arm flapping gets these puppies off.
Trust me, she’s tried.
It’s really funny to see her flap for five minutes straight.
Plus, they’re lined with thinsulate so they’re nice and cozy for the winter.

They are a little pricey for me – about $40 after taxes – but I bought them a size larger so theoretically she can use them for three winters.  And if we do that, they’re just over $10 per winter.  I think that’s a good deal.