This is for all the Mom’s out there.

I was originally told about this cream when I took my four month old baby girl to my naturopathic appointment.  We had been struggling with diaper rash, and also a big bought of cradle cap.

And here’s what I learned: both those afflictions have lots of causes, but what it boils down to is either a bacterial imbalance, or a fungal imbalance.  We all have natural bacteria and fungi on us all the time, usually things like yeast infections in adults, or rashes in babies are caused by such imbalances.  That’s where this cream comes in.

It’s not really a vaginal cream at all – they just call it that because that’s what it’s used for most often – but it’s a cream that’s perfect for baby girls and boys, and not just for their private parts.  You know those probiotics and good bacteria we’re constantly being told to eat in yogurt?  And that bacteria we often take in the probiotic supplements?  Well, that’s what this cream is.  It’s really a cocktail of those pure good bacteria in a spreadable version.  And this brand – Genestra – has extremely high standards that are safe for infants in this cream.  The amazing thing is that if baby gets this in their mouths it’s totally safe. That’s what I was told.

So what I did is used this cream twice a day on baby’s diaper rash, and that thing was gone in less than a week.  And whenever there was a tiny bit of a resurgence, I used it once or twice and it was gone.   Same with the cradle cap.  See putting this cream on restores the balance that was off by providing the body with the good bacteria that was missing.  Then the body just takes care of itself and heals.

I’m a big proponent of using our own natural body’s capacity to heal, and just encouraging that.  I also don’t like to put anything unnatural on my baby’s skin. That’s why I love this cream.  It’s what’s on and in her body anyway, just an imbalance has let the bad stuff overgrow and this creams re-balances. 

Obviously, if you have any reservation see your doctor or naturopath. I’m not qualified to make a diagnosis on your child, but if you get a prescription for steroids cream *which we got when we went to see our doc* might I suggest thinking about a natural alternative rather than a chemical one?