I saw this in the paper as an encouragement to shop Canadian – to shop our local and native companies.  And I’d love to but frankly look at those prices!  The cheapest coat there is $450.  That’s more than I spent on my last two winter coats combined, and the only reason I spent even that much was because one coat was stolen and so I had to go get another one.   That’s the one beef I have about local and native businesses, as much as I’d love to support them the price tag is just way out of my reach. I know it’s because of fair wages, etc, etc.  But there has to be some way to keep the prices more in check.  I know some people can afford to spend that much, but I not only can’t, I also won’t.  To me it’s just too much to drop on one item.  But that’s me.

How much would you spend on a coat?  How much have you ever spent on a coat and would you change that?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.