Cardi – H&M; Belt – F21; Dress – Ruche; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Payless.

Okay guys, I need your help today.  I like this dress, but lately I’m finding a lot of things, this dress included,  too short for my tastes.  So, I’m wondering whether to keep it or to sell it?  Do you guys think this is too short for me?   It’s from one of my favorite online shopping places too – ShopRuche – so I’m even more loathe to part with it, but I really think I may have to.  I feel a little exposed in it.  If only I was two inches shorter it would be perfect!

On this subject of shortness, when are you too old to wear something really short?  I used to think that you’re never too old to wear short skirts if you’re healthy and they look good, but lately as I’m reaching a certain older age, I’m starting to wonder if maybe there aren’t age limits on these things.  As I’ve said, I’m now finding certain items in my closet to be making me feel uncomfortable with how short they are.  Shorts, not so much, but definitely skirts.  Skirts and dresses.  

Thoughts?  When is short, too short?  And when, if ever should you retire those short things?