Remember my review of this?

You better, it’s only been one day!  Well, I received a great email from the creator of these little gems. She didn’t mind when I asked to share her words with all of you.  Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Joanna,
I hope this finds you well.
Thank you for supporting mimiTENS with words and your hard-earned bucks.
I am happy that you like them and that your daughter tried with all  
her might to get them off...
This is the third year that mimiTENS are in stores and I do not tire  
of hearing stories from happy parents.
You mention that the price point is high.  I agree and it is my  
product!   mimiTENS are more expensive than most mittens but the  
reason is that they are manufactured in Canada.  Mine are the only  
mittens for kids that I know of that are.  There are lots of mittens  
for kids out there and some even claim to be "Designed in Canada, Made  
in China".  Mine are made in Scarborough.  Start to finish and it is  
super important to me to try and create work locally.  More than 80%  
of my costs are related to manufacturing.  My margins are slim but I  
am fine with that.
Also, I chose to use Recycled Thinsulate and and Oeko Tex certified  
bamboo fleece to line the mittens.  Again, the only one in kids-mitten- 
land that does.  I confirmed this with the makers of Thinsulate.
I hope to introduce some mittens that are at a lower price point  
without compromising my principles.  I have also asked that retailers  
lower the MSRP but many independent retailers want to make as much as  
possible.  They always make the biggest cut but small independents are  
the ones most likely to support a vanguard brand.  It is a delicate  
Thanks again for supporting mimiTENS.  I am a mom trying to make it in  
the big city too.  I really appreciate your time and energy.

I really appreciated hearing all the eco-conscious decisions made in their manufacturing, and the fact that they are made locally here in Toronto.  Thanks Anna-Maria for sharing the secrets behind mimiTENS!