So…..the garbage men were watching me shoot these pics.  Awkward!

Jacket & Dress – Smart Set; Cardigan – H&M; Scarf – street stand; Tights – Hue; Shoes – Clarks.

This was my first shoot of the day, and it didn’t start off so great.  I had the garbage men staring, wondering why in the world someone would be taking pictures of themselves in front of their house.  But the second shoot of the day went a lot better I think.  Awesome! I’ll share those shots with you when I get them.  And I think I nailed my audition later on.

But then when I got home I started to really succumb to my cold, and now it’s totally full blown to the point where I spent most of the day on the couch watching 90210 on Netflix.  Sick! The pizza lunch was yummy though.  Hope you’re all doing a lot better than I am! 

p.s. I love make-up.  It makes me looks like I’m not at all sick.

p.p.s.  check me out guest posting over here today.  I’m sharing housecleaning tips, and general thoughts…crazy I know.  Who would have thought I had house cleaning tips?  Or thoughts for that matter?

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Do something nice for someone you love for.