So yesterday I mentioned the challenge of dressing for cool mornings and hot afternoons.  The shedding of layers meant that by the time we headed out for a sunset walk I was down to just a dress, hat and large sunnies.

It’s so great now that Baby is getting really good at walking because that means we all head out together and watch her waddle down the gravel path, picking things up and talking the whole way.

Her favorite part is when we get to the bridge and big rock where she gets her first look of all the ducks and Canade Geese on the pond.

My Father-In-Law is usually very proper, but sometimes he busts out some hilarious faces.  This shot was nabbed by Husband, and though out of focus, it’s one of my favs!

You can hear Baby yelling “Qua!  Qua!” all throughout the walk!  And she makes sure that everyone knows exactly what they are…just in case you were wondering.

While there, we witnessed a huge flock of geese landing on the pond.

True Story:
The guys did the cooking….in my aprons.  Awesome!