Jacket – Spotted Moth; Cardi – Anthropologie; Jeans – Guess; Shirt – thrifted; Scarf – street stand; Shoes – Payless.

Today is election day.  And I’m hoping everyone’s going out to vote.  Recently, us young people have been dropping at the polls.  We just don’t get out there to vote, and those younger than us get out even less.  I think it’s out general apathy towards things lately.  But I recently introduced a short film on Movieola the moral of which is the power of one individual to affect their environment.  And I think we underestimate what we can do.  Sure, my one vote won’t do anything.  But my one vote, coupled with millions of other ‘one’ votes can change the outcome of government.  So to my Canadian readers: vote!  And to the rest of my readers: vote when you can.

I’ll ask you this before I leave, why do you think people don’t vote?  Why do you think it’s a specific problem in the younger generation?

Side bar:  I’m absolutely in love with how soft this jacket is.  And don’t worry, it’s fake! Plus, the wide collar makes me feel all pimped up.  That’s not something I usually associate with myself.

Quote of Today:
“Drake stop barking at your shadow”