I’ve been tired and busy, which makes me more tired, and I’ve totally ignored you lovely fabulous people.  Sorry!  It feels like I haven’t posted anything in decades *though it’s only been, um, two days*  I won’t be missing in action like this for a while….I don’t think.

Here’s a tiny sneak peek of the engagement shoot I did with an amazing couple.  I’m still editing, but boy is that part fun!

And did you know that a kitchen table doubles as a jungle jim?

True Story:
We’re walking around the pond and suddenly we hear a splash!  Drake the Dog, always afraid of water, has dived in and starting swimming after the ducks hoping to catch one. 
And he’s still wearing his leash.  
We were shocked, proud, and terrified that he was going to drown!  
And it’s dirty, nasty pond water too.