Sweater& Belt – F21; Dress – Vintage; Tights – Walmart; Boots – Threadsence.

First off, a big, huge, “Welcome!” to all my new followers.  Thanks for following!  You guys make me so very happy!  

I recently read on Oprah.com an article about the 10 Fall trends to avoid.  I do agree with some of it – namely the all-over feathers trend and the lacy catsuit.  I just think that looks silly.  But they suggest skipping leopard print because it’s last season.  My thoughts are, “So?”  Skirts were in last season too, does that mean we can’t wear them now?  Leopard is one of those things that never really goes out of style.  I do, however, always suggest keeping it to a minimum and not an all-over outfit because that just feels like too much.

Number two was all over pattern mixing because it’s hard.  Yes, it may be challenging to get the hang of pattern mixing, and you may have some bad outfits in the process, but this is a wonderful look.  And once you get the hang of it, it’s an unexpected way to spice up your wardrobe.  Plus, I don’t think you should skip a trend just because it’s something that challenges you.  How else are you to grow?  In fashion, or in anything, I say challenge yourself.

This is all in my humble style opinion of course.

For the month of November, I’ll be suspending the regular Quote of Today or True Story.  Instead, I’m starting a daily challenge.  Everyday, I’ll post the next day’s daily challenge – this gives you a little time to prepare.  I’ll be doing the challenges along with you.  They’ll be little fitness, emotional, and behavioral challenges.  

It’s okay if you can’t do them all.  And whenever you read the post, just count it as your tomorrow’s daily challenge, you don’t have to be on exactly the same challenge as me.  Just try!  I hope you’ll join me!  And I’d love to hear your experiences, so please leave a comment on how it went!

Tomorrow’s Daily Challenge:
Get outside your comfort zone.  Find a self-imposed rule/limitation and break it. *just make sure it’s not illegal*