Baby handed me a leaf…

And then took it back!

Jacket – F21; Top & Necklace – Ruche; Tank & Flares – Gap; Boots – Walmart.

I’m actually kind of glad that Monday is here.  Fresh week, fresh start.  Feels great.  I’m loving how busy I am and all the things I’m up to.  Don’t worry, I’ll share as they become relevant.  And hey, I got interviewed on the street today for CPAC.  They wanted my political opinions and though I don’t usually speak out about politics, this time the questions were ones that I felt comfortable speaking about.

We’re experiencing an indian summer here and it’s wonderful!  Anything that can forestall the cold temperatures makes me happy!  These flares and chiffon top were a perfect way to continue this feeling of a laid-back, breezy extension to summer.

True Story:
We have this turtle nightlight that shines stars onto the ceiling.  Baby insists on it being inside her crib.  So at bedtime, when the blackout curtains have been lowered and the lights turned out, Husband and I can see stars through the crack in her door.  
Turned on.  Then off.  
On. Off.  On.  Off.  On. Off.  On.
Well, you get the idea.