Top & Boots – Ruche; Shorts – F21.

It’s beautiful and sunny, but deceivingly so.  I put on shorts and a breezy top and stepped outside to discover it is quite nippy.  boo-urns.

Yesterday one of my fav natural/organic cosmetic lines had a big sale.  I couldn’t get out there, so Husband kindly went by on his break to pick up two products I really wanted – organic jojoba oil and organic rosehip oil.  I love to use oils on my face.  They’re so gentle and soothing.  And I think we put our bodies through enough torture.

Speaking of torture, after my stroller run yesterday *sigh* I decided to do an actual run after Baby went to bed.  So I ran for another 50 minutes.  Crazy, I know!  But sometimes I just have a lot of energy.  Anyway, afterwards I was craving chocolate – badly.  But I’m trying to really stay away from sugar.  Instead, I made a protein shake with chocolate rice protein, banana, almond milk and agave syrup and did not go across the street to the convenience store and buy a chocolate bar.  Yes, I was very proud of myself.  Still am. *proud grin*

True Story:
This morning I was excited to see that the business cards I ordered arrived in my mailbox!  One set for Joanna Haughton the actor, and another for ModaMama.  
I get excited by stationery.
I squeal.