I have sensitive skin.  My skin does not like a lot of products.  It gets all ragged, red, blotchy, splotchy, and breaks out.  It hates a lot of things.  But it loooves this mask: the Pure+Simple Calendula Mask. It’s a soothing, moisturizing, calming mask.  The label says you can wear it for 15 minutes or leave it on all night as a treatment.  I do the later.  I put it on just before bed and then sometimes wait until long after breakfast to wash it off.  You can get away with that because once dry it’s quite clear and most people won’t notice you’re wearing anything. 

I’m a big fan of Pure+Simple *a Toronto brand* because it uses all natural and, when possible, organic products.  Their whole mantra is to be as gentle, natural and unintrusive with their skin care products. 

My skin thanks you.