Shirt & Necklace – F21; Pants – Gap; Sandals &Ring – Ruche.

Happy Saturday everyone.  I’m kind of excited.  Tomorrow I’m going away with Husband to a B&B for the night.  It’s our seven year anniversary and we’re getting away for two days and a night.  It’s silly the things you get excited about when you have kids – a whole night to yourself!  His parents are staying at our house to watch Baby, and I know they’re going to have a great time too!  Baby loves to play with them, so she’ll be plenty entertained.

Last night I was on air again, and was thoroughly creeped out by the horror line up that finished my night.  I love scary movies, but I’m such a wimp that I didn’t like the idea of going out into the dark night alone.  Thank goodness one of my fabulous co-workers walked me to the car!   I’m still scared of the dark.  I’ll admit it.

And speaking of Baby, check out our lovestory featured on the Ruche blog

Quote of Today:
“It’s meandering.”