The great thing about having kids is that you get to see everything fresh – through their eyes.  You get to go back and experience a lot of pleasures that have been forgotten along the way.  One such experience came along for me when we took Baby to the splash pad.  The squeals and screams of excitement coming from her were so joyous!  When the water would disappear she would stop, look at it very seriously, look at us, then back down and wait.  And wait.  And then the water would suddenly start up again, and she would wriggle and wave her arms and squeal in excitement!  Of course, when she put her face right up to it and got a nose full of water she was less than impressed, to say the least.  She reached for me, and after being safely secured away in my arms, gave that sprinkler a stern scolding.  I could tell.  I’ve heard that tone of voice before.  That sprinkler was given a strict talking to.

But neither she, nor it, learned their lesson because the whole event was repeated less than five minutes later.

Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite memories from the summer!

True Story:
I recently had about 500 business cards printed.  
How do I know there’s that many? 
‘Cause they’re all on my living room floor currently.  
Quality control via Baby.