Hairclip – F21; Dress – Ruche; Belt – H&M; Shoes – Payless; Purse – Matt by Matt&Nat.

Husband got himself into trouble yesterday:

Me: Do you like my dress?
Him: It’s….nice?
Me:  Nice, huh?
Him: I mean…it’s nice…I like you in other things…but…um…yeah…it’s….nice.

For future reference, when Wife asks if you like her dress, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”, not a hesitant “it’s…nice?”  Husband doesn’t care for the “vintage, hippy thing” as he calls it.  Well, tough luck buddy, ’cause I do and you’re stuck with me. *sticking out tongue*

True Story:  Baby loooooves meat, potatoes and bread.  Husband commented, “You can tell she’s Polish.”  I didn’t know whether to be offended, or to chuckle.  So I did both. *haha. grrrr*

He’s on a roll isn’t he?