My little one’s Mally Bib

 Sorry this is one day late!

If you’re having a baby, get yourself this bib.  If you know someone who’s having a baby, get them this bib.  But make sure you two talk, ’cause you only need one.  This is the essential bib.  It’s reversible and the other side has a food catcher, but the really awesome feature of this is that it’s washable leather.  It’s very durable and heavy enough that it stays put when you put it on baby.  But the best is that during the multiple feedings of a typical day – meals plus snacks – you pop this puppy on and when you’re done stick it under the tap, or wipe it down and it’s good to go.  There’s no need to get a fresh one, or scrub, or really put any effort into it at all. Wipe and stick it on your fridge *it’s got a magnet* and it’s dry for the next round.

I’ve bought this for two friends with babes and they’ve both said that the worst thing that has happened to them is that they forgot it at a grandparents house and had to go without for a few days.   I’ve used this bib from Baby’s very first solid meal and it’s still going strong.  When she grows out of it I’m getting this one in a toddler size.