Baby is really killing me with her smartness and cuteness!  First off, this morning while watching cars go by what did she do?  She gave Drake the Dog a big hug while they stood at the door.   Of course, right after she proceeded to knock him down and smack him in the head, but still the hug came first.

And she may not be walking, but she knows that we hide the remote behind the couch and under the pillows and so that’s the first place she looks now.  She’s figured out how to climb her stroller to get to the cup holders at the top. *the only reason I don’t have a pic of this is because I was spotting her*  And she’s also figured out that if she stacks my DVD binders she can use them to climb higher.  *yeah, I’m not impressed by that one*  

And yes, she continues to remove every single shoe from the shoe rack.