Random Sundays are usually just that, random.  But regardless, I always prefer a theme.  Today’s post is all about babies – my babies to be specific – and all the hijinks they get into.

First off, remember how I told you that Baby climbs her stroller?  Well, I finally manged to grab a few shots of that intrepid adventure.

Now you see why I have to watch her allllll the time.  The second I turn my back she’s off to scale the stroller, or the high chair, or anything she can.

And here’s how my other babies are doing.  *despite my heretofore black thumb*

Since we’re on the subject of food.  I finally cooked something for the first time since we moved into the house *over a year ago*.  That’s right.  I made spaghetti.  From scratch. Sort of.  I used rice pasta and a pre-packaged tomato sauce *gasp! don’t tell my numerous babies above* But the rest – meat,  veggies, etc. – I made myself.  All by myself. 

Baby loved it!

 Then my other baby, Drake, helped himself to dinner as well.  He did double duty really; ate dinner and helped me clean Baby’s tray at the same time.  Ambitious little multi-tasker!

True Story:  
My Mama came to visit today.  
She walked through the door and wasn’t here an hour before she cleaned my stove.  
I love Mamas.  
They come over and clean things.  
Or cook things.  
Either one is good really.