Here’s my stroller with some stuff in the cup holder and basket.

I’m an urban mom without a car.  So I need a stroller that’s light, durable, narrow and easy to handle.  This one is pretty good at delivering those things at a great price tag!

First, lightness, it’s really very light in terms of weight.  You can easily lift it with one hand while holding baby in the other.  The only thing is that when folded, it’s an awkward shape that’s a little hard to manage getting in and out the door.  I find it easier to just move it open *without baby* and then break it down just before going into a trunk *on the rare occasions that I’m in a car*  But since I don’t have a car and I mostly use it on buses and subways, that’s not a very important feature for me.

This tiny little stroller that feels so light makes you wonder if it won’t fly apart at any moment, but it’s actually quite deceiving.  I’ve put this thing through all the paces – running to catch a bus, bumps, muddy parks, bangs, drops, and lots of other stuff – and it’s held up great throughout.  Everything is very flexible and I think that’s what makes it so durable.

It’s not as easy to handle as some other strollers I’ve seen.  I’ve seen parents jogging with stollers in one hand, talking on the phone and maneuvering the stroller in front of them like a jet plane fighter *in my mind they’re very maneuverable – don’t know whether that’s based on fact*.  This one is not like that.   You can’t use one hand on it – it needs two.  It’s pretty good; I can talk on the phone while on the sidewalk and manage as long as I’m not moving too quickly.  And in terms of pure maneuverability, as long as you use two hands you can twist and turn this thing very easily.  But here’s the thing, this stroller is about half – if not less – the price of those other strollers.  And that is a big selling point to me!

I have to say though that the cup holders are an absolute joke!  There are two cup holders for the adult and one for the baby.  I’ve never used the one for the baby – she gets  a drink while she needs it and then I drop it in the basket.  And the adult holders are really for things like phones and keys.  Don’t put a cup in there!  The construction of this stroller makes it that the tiniest bump sends hot liquid everywhere *luckily there’s a canopy to protect baby*.  To me this isn’t a big deal.  I usually like to sit and enjoy my coffee and not drink on the run.  And I often use it as an excuse to do just that.

The feature that I just love though is how narrow it is.  On the bus and subway I take up hardly any room.  Other strollers look as narrow, but when you look at the wheels they spread and take up a lot of space.  I like that the narrow construction allows me to get on the bus when others can’t *rush hour* and that I show respect to other patrons by not occupying the entire bus.  I like that I can tuck myself and baby into a corner of the train and nobody – us included – is inconvenienced.  This is also true for stores, cafes, and restaurants.  The narrow build lets me get through aisles and corners and crevices easily.  Whether it’s in between clothes racks, or in and around tables to get to the backyard patio, this stroller does a great job or getting us where we want to go. 

Picture of the stroller from Toys’r’us.

Some might say that it’s not about others it’s about me, but I like to show respect to my fellow city dwellers, and it makes me feel better to try to accommodate others in a reasonable fashion. To me, that means not having a tank of a stroller. And despite the narrow frame, it’s quite sturdy. It isn’t as sturdy as a tank, but then again I’m not going into war.