These are about 5 years old.

These flip flops from Abercrombi&Fitch are the best flip flops I have ever found.  I don’t say that lightly.  I have very sensitive feet, and a foot that’s not shaped like regular folks.  Mine are long and narrow.  And I’ve found that any flip flops I ever wore – including Havaianas, I’m sad to say –  would chafe in between my toes.  But more than that the strap at the top would rub off my skin.  Gross, I know.  But I’m just tellin’ it like it is.  I would be skinned alive by flip flops within a matter of minutes. 

Then I bought this white pair.  I was really hesitant to buy a pair of flip flops for $40 *I’m a cheap skate you see*  But I was in desperate need of comfy flip flops at the time as my foot was injured and I couldn’t wear regular shoes.  So I tried them on and forked over my credit card.  And boy am I glad I did!  These shoes are nicely cushioned which makes walking around a pleasure, and the fabric strap is sooooo gentle on my delicate feet.  It was so nice and refreshing to walk around without my feet hurting.

I liked them so much that I took them backpacking with me.  For three months they were subjected to ocean, mud, rain, being crammed into tiny regions of my pack, folding, smushing, communal bathroom floors,  and general abuse.  And they held up beautifully!  All I have to do is use some soap and water, and a little scrubbing makes these 5 year old flip flops look like they do in that picture.  Actually, I took that picture after I scrubbed them just a couple of weeks ago.

I liked them so much that the next year I bought another pair, this time in navy.

About 4 years old.

And I’m happy to say, they have held up just as well.  Though Drake the Dog has managed to chew them up a little. His favorite thing to do is grab them, run into the yard and whip them back and forth like he’s killing some small game.  Hence the little puncture marks in the picture.

Picture from official website.

They have changed the pattern on the fabric strap since I purchased mine, but these are the same style, make and material.

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