Me carrying Baby in my own BabyHawk.

Mondays have a freshness to them (Make-up Mondays, etc), Wednesdays are ‘hump’ days (Weddings Wednesday) , Thursdays are ‘awkward and awesome’, Fridays are for fashion and friends, Saturdays are well awesome, and Sundays are lazy.  Tuesdays are never mentioned.  Tuesdays are the black sheep, the underdog, the slightly forgotten.  I always root for the underdog. So on that note, I’m starting Tuesday In Review.  On Tuesday every week, I’ll review something.  It could be fashion, lifestyle, electronic, mommy or child related.  Frankly, everything is up for grabs.

Therefore, without further ado I give you the BabyHawk.

From the official website.

The BabyHawk is just one brand that makes a Mei Tai style baby carrier. Out of all the carriers this has been my absolute favorite.  At first the price kind of made me hesitant *anything over $50 makes me tremble* , but after trying it I think it’s the best piece of baby gear ever.  And I seriously consider it a must-have for parents.

It’s made of a strong fabric that’s really easy to clean – I just threw it in the washing machine.  And it came out looking great.  Also, it’s rated to carry up to a 4 year old.  You can wear newborns and babes on the front, and as they get bigger move them onto the back.

The thing that sort of frightened me at first was that the strapping looked really complicated.  But I put that aside and figured I’d deal with it.  And to my surprise, the first time I tried to put baby in it I was severely overtired, hot and cranky, and I still managed to do in under two minutes.  Within a matter of three attempts, I was a pro and could whip Baby on in less than 30 seconds.  The strapping looks complicated, but if you just follow the instructions once, you’ll see that it’s actually really intuitive.  It just makes sense.

The best thing about it is that most of Baby’s weight is on my hips.  With other carriers *Bjorn, etc* I’ve found that the weight is on my shoulders.  For a man, that’s great since they tend to have a lot of strength there, Husband for example loves it.  But I’ve found that I get fairly tired under the strain on my shoulders, especially as she grows.  I prefer to have her weight carried by my hips.  It’s easier and allows me to go about my business for extended periods of time.

I carry it in my stroller basket when I know Baby is going through teething or a fussy period.  That way when we’re out and she wants to be held and cuddled, I can just strap it on and continue doing what I’m doing.  The world doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt.

And of course, it has a really cute design for me to show off!   But what’s cool about that, is that it’s reversible; so my husband can wear the plain gray outside so he doesn’t feel silly sporting around a pretty pink pattern.  ‘Cause you know, he’s so macho!

If you’re in Toronto, you can get the BabyHawk at Evy Mama and they’ll teach you how to use it too! And while you’re there get fitted for a nursing/maternity bra.  The ladies are super helpful and they’ll set you up with something suitable for your life and budget.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.