Me and my darling babe playing on the swings!

Hat & Glasses – F21; Dress – vintage; Shoes – Payless; Belt – Spotted Moth.

First off, I’d like to say a warm welcome to my new followers!  You’re all awesome!  And I really hope you enjoy my humble blog.  It’s a genuine pleasure to write for all of you.  And your sweet comments always make my day. 

I’m kind of obsessed with vintage dresses lately.  You may know of my general obsession with dresses, but the fact that these dresses are so unique and they have a history all their own really intrigues me.  I am small *not that I’m complaining*, so a lot of stuff doesn’t fit me all that well, but that’s why this belt is awesome.  It’s nice and thick and when I wrap it around me is suddenly makes things look like they fit.  I love this belt so much that I have another one in a tan color too!

Fun tidbit of news:  check out an article my friend was responsible for here.  It features a quote from me!