The reason I’m so happy to be a Mom.

My first Mother’s Day!  Not only did I get a darling present, but I got the whole day to my myself.  Last night, I got a gift from Husband and Baby – a box of my vices:  chocolate, rum, tea, macaroons, and a gift certificate to Ruche.  And today I got to do a fabulously hard run, followed by a whole day spent bumming around town by myself. 

I went and got a manicure, had girl time with my friend, browsed soooo many shops, and stopped by TCAF *a comic festival* to see my sister exhibiting her work.

A comic about what else but Freddie Mercury!

She had two comics of her own for display, and one collaboration with a group of people.  I’m so proud that she’s so ambitious to get her work out there.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!

I came home to a delicious salmon salad, white wine aaaand I think there’s a foot massage in store for me. 

Can every day be Mother’s Day????