I’m a bit of a grumpy pants in this pic because it started raining on me.
Cardi – H&M; Shirt – Smart Set; Dress – Jean Machine ; Leggings – F21; Boots – somewhere in NYC

Can you believe this dress challenge is almost done?  I’ve got maybe ten more dresses and then I’m done.  That’s so cool.  It’s amazing that it’s taken me this long.  I really could just wear every dress I own three times a year and would have enough clothes for the whole year.  That’s kind of funny!   I’m looking forward to wearing pants…I have these great khakis, shorts and flare jeans…oh I’m getting excited!  Yeah, I know.  I’m easy to please.

I know I have a lot of dresses *and clothes in general*, but I just keep stuff, store, and rotate.  This dress is a perfect example.  I bought it about 8 years ago *it’s pre-Husband* and I still love to wear it ever summer.  I wanted to wear it this weekend because it is a bit folk-ish to me, and this holiday in Poland you’d often dress up in your folk costume to celebrate *I’ll show you something fun regarding that soon*.  So, I’m there in spirit. 

On another note, I bought something from Ruche and it’s coming in the mail.  I’m allowed to do so under the terms here.  And just in case you’re keeping track, we’re on day 77. *le sigh*

On a side, side note, I miss my long hair.