Sweater – made by my Babcia.

Husband has been away for a few days, but he comes back today.  Yay!  Baby has been a total pill at night…I think it’s the time change.  I think it’s wreaking havoc with her internal clock, which means she’s wreaking havoc on me.  Tonight, however, Husband will be here to help.  Maybe I can finally get some sleep.

I know this is random, but I’ve been watching Community.  I love that show!  Abed and Troy are the best!  It really brightens my day to laugh out loud.

True Story:  Yesterday I took a nap with Baby. It is the sweetest thing ever to sleep with your little one.  And when you think you’re not doing all you can to live up to your potential, you just have to look at them and know that if you do nothing else but love them, it will be enough.