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It’s The End of the World

Shirt –   H&M  //  Vest & Sunnies – F21  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – c/o Dansko  //  Necklace – Threadsence

It’s been such a hard week this week.  With the health issues Baby Girl has had this week, and my resulting exhaustion and overwhelmed feeling.  I’m ready for a shut down.  I’m in that critical mass state where everything feels huge.  
We’ve all been there.  It’s not the end of the world…but it sure feels like it.

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Contributions and Gains

Vest –  Piko 1988 via Threadsence //  Top & Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace – H&M
When you’re working on a co-op production, even when you’re not acting that day you might have to be on set.  Why, because on such a production, all the actors are equal stakeholders and so they all profit equally and should also not be surprised to work/contribute equally.   Thus their presence is often required on set to help as PAs.  So today I was riding around on my bike delivering gear, running errands, and basically being a go-for for whatever was needed.  I sort of expected it this day, so I wore jeans and a fun vest that would keep me warm and cool on this weird weather day. 

Not Just For Hookers

Dress- Tini Lilli  // Vest – Piko via Threadsence  //  Belt & Sunnies – F21  //  Tights – HUE  //  Boots – Locale  //  Necklace – Ardene
As much as it’s a new thing for me, it feels like leopard print and I are old friends.  I used to be a lady who thought she would never under any circumstance *unless playing a hooker* wear leopard print.  But over the last year it’s become this fun bold thing that I really enjoy weaving in with all the other things in my closet.  Yes, that’s right.  I’ve realized that leopard print is fun, bold, and not at all hooker like, because let’s face it, I’m so very, very far from that.
What’s worse is that I’ve paired leopard print with faux fur, so in the words of George Takei, “Oh myyy!”

p.s. This post is not to imply in any sort of way that anyone wearing leopard is a Lady of the Night.

Through The Wringer

Sweater – John & Jenn  //  Top – F21  //  Skirt – Skies Are Blue  //  Tights – F21  //  Boots – Locale  //  Necklace – Threadsence
That’s where I’ve been this weekend.  In an artistic and emotional way that’s where I’ve been.  It’s been an exhausting lat three days and I have been challenged pushed and amused.  I like to think that I’ve come out the other end a fuller, and more complex artist and actor.  But man, could I use some chocolate!  Lindt, would you like to sponsor me?

In A Pinch, Broke Down Fences Will Do

Dress – Garcia Jeans  //  Sweater – John and Jenn  via Girl Friday in Toronto  //  Tights – Hansel from Basel 
Boots – Feet First  //  Earrings – Threadsence
When short on time, the fence that was blown down will have to serve as your background.  Just before you flail like a mad woman in slush, head first towards the bus stop, it’s important to give a little smirk and attitude to the camera.  Sets your day off just right.  
Oh, and on this particular day I was not only the only one wearing color in the elevator, but also the only one wearing faux fur before 9 am.  Office culture, how I love you!

Stand By Me

Sweater- Jack from Girl Friday  //  Dress – Kimchi from Beacon’s Closet in NYC  //  Belt – F21 //  Tights – HUE  //  Boots – boutique in Rome, Italy. 

When you set up your tripod and take off your jacket to take outfit pictures with your baby in the stroller next to you enough times, eventually she wants to get in on the action.  So as I set up my tripod, and took my place, she insisted on taking her hood off and posing right next to me for the camera.  Then she ran back and forth to double check on the photos.  You know, to make sure we had the shot.  I’m telling you, it’s getting real hard to not show her face here when she stands right beside me smiling into the lens.

Moments We Love

Dress – Moon Collection  //  Vest & Tights – F21  //  Boots – Feet First
 Necklace – ModCloth  //  Earrings – I don’t remember, sorry!
There are moments like when she has pooped all over and I’m trying to change her while she’s wriggling.  Through twists and turns I somehow get a new diaper on, but the cost is my patience, my sanity, and my hygiene as I look down and see poop on my hand.  *sigh*
Then there are moments when she wakes up and wants to be cuddled in my arms.  She snuggles in and touches my face as I close my eyes, “No sleep mommy.”  Instead, she looks at me deeply.  
We sit there for moments on end just looking into each others eyes.
Best love story ever.

My Own Private Little Nona

Pants & Vest – F21  //  Top – H&M  //  Necklace – bought in Europe  //  Boots – Feet First
It made me so happy to nab the exact faux fur vest I wanted for 50% off at F21.  When I tried it on it immediately made me feel like Nancy Kovak as ‘Nona‘ in Star Trek’s “A Private Little War.”  Though it’s not bright orange, and I’m not nearly as sexy as the seductive ‘Nona,’  I felt a little wilder wearing it.  Also, the complete geek in me loved walking around all day in my own personal little Star Trek world.  

True Story:
Baby Girl is currently obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies.  
She walks around all day asking for “Zombies!”  
So I sit there playing the game on my tablet while she watches, comments, and pushes the screen randomly.  
With the occasional, “Watch out!”
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