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Break Away

Took a break off for the holidays.

Take a Moment

Rest, relaxation, and walks.

Engage At Your Own Risk

If you see me wearing something like this, there’s a few things you should know.

Sex Tape Scam

Regarding the continuation of those “I caught you on tape, pay me money or I release it” sex scam emails – you know the ones everyone is getting these days?


They say that a large majority of our personality, maybe even most of it, is encoded into us genetically. That the genes determine our responses, temperaments, and behaviors.

I Dare You

A Poem

Joyful Snow

“If you don’t find joy in the snow, you’ll have less joy but the same amount of snow.”

Look At Your Dog

“How do you get through it?” he asked.

A Little Bit Weird

Andrew asked me, “How do you not get depressed watching this all the time?” I was watching Bones.

Bake Code Trip

Lately, I’m all about the morning dates….

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