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Goodbye Poland

Before leaving Poland for good, we stop by the memorial to the Child Soldiers who perished in WWII.

Barbakan and New Square

On the last evening in Warsaw, a lazy walk around the Barbakan – the old perimeter and defense walls – makes you realize just how small the city actually was.

Łazienki Królewskie

The Gardens, or as the literal translation would go, the King’s Baths. It used to be the King’s hunting grounds, and it was designed for his enjoyment.

Rainy Days Can’t Stop Us

A rainy day won’t stop us from going to the famous stone steps, from visiting the square again, or from layering up and walking along the Wisla river.

King’s Palace

It’s rainy. And it looks like it’ll rain all day. So a visit inside the King’s Palace is in order. The whole area of Old Town has been rebuilt.

Arriving in Warsaw

Warsaw. So here’s the deal: I have a 12-year-old girl and a Mom with me who has a bum leg at the moment.

Goodbye Koczala

Last evening in Koczala. I won’t be back for a while.

I Am Canadian

Back in Koczala for a little bit more. Took another walk to the cafe – 45 there, 45 back – by way of the lake.


Chojnice. It’s the nearest ‘big’ town. It’s not really that big, not when you’re used to living in Toronto, but it is the biggest town around.

Walking Your Past

Lovely quiet walks. We had a fun little walk with my Mom around Przechlewo where she told my Girl about some family history.

Showed the various buildings and who worked and lived where. I didn’t know some of it either, so it was nice to hear these things that people don’t really talk about: their past.

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