Warsaw. So here’s the deal: I have a 12-year-old girl and a Mom with me who has a bum leg at the moment.

I have no data in Poland on my phone. I have screenshots of the Airbnb I rented. I have rain – drizzle, but just enough to make things slippery. I have tons of old cobblestones streets and steep stairs. And I have all the suitcases – because, I have that 12 yr old and a Mom with a bum leg. So I have the heavy stuff. I have to carry the heavy stuff. And I’m not sure which way to go.

So I go up to the municipal police car sitting there. I tell them I’m lost and ask if they could find it on their data. As they look up the address, we’re chatting. And they point up a massive staircase that I have to go up…and they see my face. They look at the suitcases, and I tell them about the bum leg. They load up the suitcases, and my mom gets into the back seat. Me and my girl walk while they trail alongside us. We get a police escort to our Airbnb. Which by the way, is 30 seconds from the Old Town square and amazing. And that day I try and fail to, yet again, get a photo with my Mom.