Like, okay I know things are different for different people, but I saw on socials a woman who’s highly successful lamenting that she’s no longer feeling creative about her postings.

I don’t say the following to disparage the lack of feeling creative but talk to me about first-world problems without talking to me about first-world problems. Am I right?

I see the news out of Gaza. I see the news out of Ukraine. I see the news from my friends who are just trying to make ends meet in this Depression. And I really can’t help but wonder, “Cry me a river.”

Again, not saying her suffering and troubles aren’t real, they are, and there’s a real person on the other end of that account – which is why I would never say anything like that to this person. But I do feel like with all those serious troubles near and far, if you want to change your socials to reenergize yourself creatively, just do it. There’s no need to wallow and post about it – just do it. It’s just socials in the grand scheme of things.

On that note, have a fabulous real-life day: may it be filled with paying your bills, staying safe, and having some fun.

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