I was at a coffee shop just writing. Writing all the thoughts I needed to get down and clarify. The two women next to me started discussing what they should have for dinner.

The conversation went on for about 30 minutes before they decided and left to enact their plan. Many moons ago, I realized that I am an “eat to live’ kind of person. I enjoy good food, but honestly, I don’t care too much. As long as it’s healthy, I’m not fussy or extravagant. And my palate is not that refined. A friend made a stew where they had labored over the broth for hours and hours – I couldn’t tell the difference between that and broth that would’ve taken far less. I just want the fuel and the health benefits. So the idea of talking about a dinner for half an hour seems like a huge waste. But I know others who find great joy in it. These little differences between people bewilder and amaze me. What strange creatures we all are.