I’m so sick of seeing hair, makeup, and fashion tutorials that start with “Don’t do Y!” or “If you have X, don’t do Y!” And it’s usually a tutorial from another woman.

Stop telling me what to do. Stop telling women what they can or can’t do. Our society judges us enough. Our society criticizes us enough – the last thing we need is other women criticizing us too. You want to share a magic hair secret, fine. Great, actually! But do so from an uplifting place. “I want to share something amazing I learned!” We have enough ‘don’ts’ and ‘can’ts’ given to us every single day. The last thing I want is another woman telling me another thing I’m doing wrong.

Here endeth the rant.

Dress – VICI via Poshmark
Sweater – thrifted
Boots – vintage
Necklace – bought in Warsaw