My cancer is not considered serious. My cancer is not taken into oncology. My cancer is not given the mental health support that other cancers is.

I have been pushing and pleading to any and all medical professionals that I need mental health support for months. And after a referral, three cancellations, and the ‘option’ to reschedule for an appointment sometime in ‘Mid-January’ with a social worker – not even a therapist or counsellor – months later I give up. I get it. You want me to go it alone. Every year, we get the message to reach out if you’re having mental health struggles. Well, guess what? Even if you do, nothing happens.

And I’m not unique. In any way. So many I know are struggling to get the basic necessary care they need – physical and mental. Children, Fathers, Mothers, Friends etc. Doug Ford and our government have broken our healthcare system.

I get it. We’re alone. And we’re all angry.

Everything is thrifted