I love my Lazy Dog.

He just lies around, contributes nothing material, and expects love.

In fact, he’s the opposite of contributing, in the accepted use of the term these days. He demands to be fed, he demands scratches and cuddles without shame and with an indignance that is downright comical. He frequently interrupts our sleep with snores or loud dreams that make us lay awake in the middle of the night laughing when we should be resting. And the second I lie down, I have no personal space as he’s right up there lying next, or on top of, me. It’s gotten so bad, that three years ago he completely gave up chasing squirrels, ’cause like, why should he when he gets fed regularly at home. He’s absolutely useless, and I love him to bits.

Just goes to show that no animal or person needs to achieve or ‘contribute’ to be worthy of love and existence. We could learn a lot from our dogs.

Top- Mango
Skirt & Bag – Poshmark
Boots – thrifted