The acting industry. Huh, this is a hard one. A friend and I were talking and he said a profound truth: the whole industry is set up to ‘deal with’ you.

Meaning, that it’s not there to nurture or support you. It’s not a meritocracy. It’s not your loving family. It’s there with a system set up to manage you when they want you, and move on when they don’t. Sounds harsh, but once you realize that, you gain a certain amount of freedom.

What’s that? Freedom to live your life without constantly checking in with the agent. Freedom to create your own projects that feed your soul.

That’s what I’m doing. Plans are in motion to create a few projects in the next six months. Hopefully, they’ll come to fruition and I can share them with you.

Dress – Aritzia
Bag – Ted Baker *hand me down*
Boots – I forget *old*