I’ve stayed quiet on a lot of people’s Anti-vaxx conspiracy theories. Now they’re using this attack on the Ukraine to spread more conspiracy lies – like that’s it’s just a distraction.

How f**king dare you?!?! People are literally fighting for their lives and we’re in a precipice, and you’re mocking that by calling it a distraction and posting the most inane, unresearched, and absurd podcasts as ‘proof.’

Honestly, go f**k yourself at this point. People from that part of the world, people in that part of the world, and people who have family there (and all the other places where this war will reach) just want you to SHUT UP.

Covid was a ‘distraction’, war is a ‘distraction.’ You know what? If it’s all a distraction, go live in the woods so no one ever sees you again. It’ll be too soon. I’m done.

And on a related note, go get yourself vaxxed and boosted and stop being a selfish a**hole, because you may be fine but you’re endangering the lives of others because you’ll be infectious for at least five days before you get sick.

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