After 17+ years of marriage, I finally got the ring I wanted.

I’ve never been an engagement ring sort of gal. The whole solitaire or big jewel thing was never me. I like a delicate band. So when we actually got engaged, we bought a relatively cheap ring that was just a simple band of diamonds. It is cheap if you think about it, but for a 22 year old, it was a lot.

Now, 17+ years later we went to Spence and got me the ring I wanted. A delicate band of viney looking white gold with diamonds set in strategically. When we spoke to our jeweller about my personal dislike of engagement rings, he paused, took a breath, gave a pointed stare at Andrew and said, “You should consider yourself very lucky.”

We laughed.

Dress – Frank &Oak *thrifted*
Shoes – Aldo
Tights – I forget
Ring – Spence Diamonds