Just one week in and it’s already hard. I’m okay – we’re grown ups and have to deal with it. But my Girl misses school – not just her friends but actually the in person work part of school.

So, I’ve told her that for every week she gets through working hard and paying attention and focusing she gets a coffee shop treat at the end.

Yeah, yeah. Rewards through food aren’t the best. Yeah, bribery may not be the best form of motivation. But you know what? A girl who has one treat day per week, and who is made a little happier by the prospect of a cinnamon bun at the end of a hard week, is fine by me. One treat per week as a reward isn’t all that bad in my books. It feels like a necessary pleasure during these times.

Dress – Nine Lives Bazaar
Boots – Frye *thrifted*
Necklace – vintage/thrifted
Sweater – hand me down