I like to expand of my repertoire of sustainable jewellery brands, or at least those that are trying to do their best.

Rellery and I share this desire for quality products in a sustainable way. Roughly 75% of their products are made to order, which means that yes, you might have to wait or think ahead, but it’s good that things are just sitting around and going to waste. There’s also a focus on using sustainable materials, and local materials to minimize the carbon footprint. And they reuse anything they don’t sell, as in melt down the materials. So a company that focuses on the reduction of waste and provides such cute pieces is definitely on my list.

I chose this delicate necklace of pearls with a rose out of all their necklace offerings, because the Rose is the June flower and it’s for my daughter. And hoops earrings from their extensive earrings list – they’re a classic, you know? But I’ve never really had a good classic simple pair. I’ve noticed that my jewellery has really toned down over the last few years, so I appreciate a great made singular strand.

Dress – Bird&Kite
Jewellery – c/o Rellery