A friend and I were talking – doesn’t it always start like that? – about what’s happened in the world and on socials.

Namely, the idea that we all give our eyeballs to the extremes and the same old, same old ‘influencer’ shots. He mentioned that hopefully these last two years will have made people more aware and less willing to accept those. That it’s made space for more average – for lack of a better term – people to share things with authenticity.

I hope that’s the case, but I sincerely doubt it. The proof? Well, the proof is in the followers. If you go back, the numbers still grow. And the regular folks stay the same. If it was the case that there is a desire for more honesty, well, the inverse would occur. So sadly, this is an easily measured phenomenon. And the verdict is in: more outrageous eccentricity, and more of the same-same influencer stuff.

Sorry to be a downer for your weekend. At least it’s honest.

Set – Marigold Mustang
Shoes – UO *old*