Another day, another new week in the pandemic. At this point, the monotony and isolation are getting to us.

But here’s the thing, and you know I’m not one for ‘gratitude’, dealing with the monotony and isolation are in itself a form of privilege. We’re not on the front lines watching people die, or having to expose ourselves daily. And we’re not homeless due to the mass evictions and loss of income.

It doesn’t diminish our pain, and it doesn’t belittle the struggles we’re going through. They’re still real. But, let’s look for ways to fight the darkness – write MPs, look for moments of joy, and little things you can celebrate. Have a picnic for one on the floor, move your bed around, get silly. Bring yourselves joy, acknowledge your struggle, and also realize that you’re lucky. We’re humans, we can feel contradictory things at the same time.

Dress – Renee Loves Frances
Sweater – hand me down
Boots – The Shoe Company