Some days I’m having serious trouble getting out of bed. You guys having those days in lockdown?

It’s not cool to say that is it? It’s cool to say things like, “I’m killing my to-do list” and, “I’m rocking that project I’ve been putting off for so long!” But well, I’ve never been cool I guess. These are some rough days: cold, dark, and locked down. Today I got out of bed for biological reasons only – the bathroom. And well, once I was up, it was time to get on with it. But man, the pandemic struggle is real.

*Disclaimer: I realize my struggle is a privileged one with shelter, and food, and not on the front lines. I’m not ignorant of that*

Top – thrifted
Dress – Arnhem *swapped*
Boots – Locale
Necklace – Etsy