I watched stories of this one woman ‘influencer’ I followed (I unfollowed her because of what you’re about to read),

and it was a whole long video exasperated that her followers DMed her to stop promoting the things she sells. If it had stopped there I would have agreed – everyone is doing their thing and DMing someone to stop promoting their website, product, patreon, or donation button is silly. But that was just one sentence, the thrust of the long video was that she doesn’t get paid for most of her IG posts, and she deserves to be compensated for the work, and it’s not feasible to do this otherwise.

So? I don’t get paid for 99.99% of my posts, and neither does he, or her, or you, and you. What entitles you to it? What makes you the unique snowflake that deserves money for it? It’s not sustainable? Don’t do it. I turn down all the offers for ‘exposure’ because I won’t work for free. And? What’s your point? 1. You’re not entitled to it any more than anyone else is. 2.Nowhere in IG’s terms of service does it say you’re entitled to make money from the things you post. 3. Life is unfair. There’s no rhyme or reason for anything, much less anything on social media. 4. Suck it up Princess.

Top – thrifted, H&M
Skirt – Spell
Boots – Frye, thrifted
Bracelet – Purabeada