“We’ve been told, for some unknown f**king reason, that insecurities are bad things. It’s the opposite. Take a good look at someone who doesn’t seem to have any insecurities. Take a look at someone who never says they’re wrong and never apologizes. Take a look at someone who thinks they’re perfect. I’ll tell you what you’re looking at: a total f**king a**hole. This is a person who never thought they needed to improve.” You’re Not That Great, Elan Gale.

Well, I guess I’m not a total f**king a**hole then. At least, maybe not for that reason. As always to be crippled by your insecurities is gone wholly too far in the other direction. A healthy balance of self-love and self-hate is, in my opinion, the mark of a balanced mind. One comforts us in need, the other motivates us to get off our ass and do something.

Dress – UO *very old*
Sandal – Winners *very old*