His favorite RomCom is “Notting Hill.” It’s actually in his top three movies ever. He’s a dreamer.

So I organized movie night as a nostalgic treat. Then he asked me what my teenage defining RomCom was. I’m not a RomCom/Romance gal. Never had interest in any of those “The Notebook” or whatever movies. but I did come up with a defining movie that I watched and that I consider a RomCom: “Grosse Point Blank.” I watched that over and over.

A few moments of silence later, I realized that my current favorite romance is “Mr. Right.”

Two films that I consider ‘romances.’ Both involved a professional assassin and a lot of violence. What exactly does that say about me?

Actually, don’t answer that.

Dress – Topshop thrifted via Style Encore
Jacket – c/o Sweet Jeans