Now that parks are open, and Summer is here, the adventure to explore our waterfalls continues.

Hilton Falls conservation area is a wonderful winding maze of pathways, and bike trails (off road). The walk from the parking lot to the Falls is slated at 20 minutes, but if you meander and walk with a child it takes about twice that.

It’s a beautiful forest-lined waterfall, with a stairway to a descending platform. And if you’re feeling brave, you can hop the stone and jump right into the falls. The Falls were, of course, a cornerstone of a mill that operated here. And if you take a side path on the north side of the reservoir, you can come across a lookout at the top of the smaller Reservoir Falls. Gorgeous, despite being much smaller, for it’s reservoir lake views.

Dress – Rove Designs
Boots – Blundestone
Hat – I forget